Christian Hayes

Research Scientist

APOGEE-2 Targeting and Field Selection Coordinator

I'm a research scientist at the University of Washington Astronomy Department working with the APOGEE survey. I also use APOGEE and other large surveys to study our galaxy, the Milky Way, and its satellite dwarf galaxies. My main research pursuits are the study of past and present dwarf galaxies around the Milky Way and their effects on the Milky Way.  I'm particularly interested in the chemistry of metal-poor of these systems and what that tells us about how they have formed and evolved over time.


Ph.D. Candidate, Astronomy​, University of Virginia

Advisor:  Steven R. Majewski

M.S., Astronomy, University of Virginia

B.S., Astronomy/Astrophysics, Indiana University

Minor:  Mathematics

B.S., Physics, Indiana University